Izzy the Road Safety Lizard teaches students a valuable lesson

Izzy the Road Safety Lizard came to visit the K-1 students at Northam Primary School this week.

She showed us the five steps to crossing the road safely. 

First, we stop.

Second, we hold hands with a big person.

Third, we look left and right and left again.

Fourth, we listen for noises on the road.

Fifth, we think, "Is it safe to cross?" 

Many of the students got the opportunity to practicse these steps before walking across the 'road' with Izzy.

We finished with a song and dance about the 5 steps of crossing the road safely before giving Izzy a cuddle and waving goodbye.

The students were singing and smiling for the rest of the day.

Izzy the Road Safety Lizard is the mascot for the SDERA Smart Steps curriculum that our K-2 students have been focusing on in their health lessons this term. 

Anita Hayes is the library officer at Northam Primary School.