GALLERY: Family Circles closes their season

Once again Northam theatre goers supported the Northam Theatre Group’s latest production, Family Circles.

The play was performed at the Link theatre over six nights across two weekends.

Taking place in an English reception room the play involved the highs and lows of a family .

The different and changing relationships between the family members, were the basis of the play’s plot, which also had an underlying social comment on Marriage.

The three daughters were confidently played by Sharon Pegrum, Katie Leeder and Theresa Lee, with subtle changes to their personalities as they changed husbands.

Their male partners, Liam Sermon, Thomas Bennetts and Andrew Lee depicted believable characters throughout, carrying on regardless of the changes, causing some laughter and some anger.

Edward Gray, the grumpy and ignored father was strongly played by Matthew Letch.

Beside him, Glenis Lee with the long and difficult role as his wife was successful in keeping the audience convinced of her frustrations and concerns.

The two newcomers in this two act play, Thomas and Sharon are to be congratulated on maintaining their characters, telling their story with clear voices and easy movements.

These two blended well with the more experienced members of the cast, to realise this quite difficult and complex plot.

The performances provided an entertaining evening for the excellent audiences over the six night season.

The last production for 2018 will be “Mad About Musicals” in late November.

Anne Letch is a life member of the Northam Theatre Group.