VIDEO: Reports of meteorite felt and heard in Northam and York

Residents in areas of the Avon Valley were startled by a bright light and what some are describing as a ‘sonic boom’ on Tuesday night just after 7.30pm. 

Stargazers took to the Australian Meteor Reports Facebook page to share their observations of what they believe to be a meteor seen in the South West, Perth metropolitan area and the Wheatbelt. 

Perth Observatory said they had received reports of a large meteor flying over Perth. 

The York Community Resource Centre captured this video on CCTV.

As did Lance Boston.

Leanne Willoughby was driving from the Lakes to York when she saw the meteor light up the sky.

“It was massive and kind of scary as I had no clue what it was,” she said.

 “It seemed so close to me.

“It was very bright, sort of seemed like something falling on fire and split into two and went down to the left side of the highway.

“It was a sight to see.”

Verity White of York said she felt her house shake just after 7.30pm.

“We thought it was a big clap of thunder but there was no rain or wild weather and the sky was fairly clear,” she said.

“There were lots of people locally saying on Facebook that it sounded like an explosion and that people were feeling it from Beverley to Northam and Tammin.”

Updates to come.

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