Yee-ha! Kayne is off to compete over East

Kayne Lincoln has a hidden talent; he’s a whiz at taming cattle and horses. 

The 13 year old from Northam has been invited by the West Australia Rodeo Association to travel to New South Wales to learn from the best in the sport. 

During his two-week long solo trip over east Mr Lincoln will compete in the under-14 steer riding, break-away roping and barre racing in the East Coast Rodeos.

His handwork and dedication to the sport is often something the Northam Senior High student overlooks when talking to friends. 

“He doesn’t really talk about it much,” his mother Kristi Lincoln said.

“My friends know I ride bulls but that’s about it,” Mr Lincoln said. 

He rode his first calf when he was six and said he has always wanted to be a cowboy.

Mr Lincoln spends his weekends competing around the state and is apart of three different rodeo clubs. 

“For that birthday, when I was living up in Newman mum had gotten me a cowboy hat and chaps,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to do it.

“I didn’t have the chance to do it until a few years ago when I was lucky to be taught by some of the best.

“Ever since then I’ve been going to rodeos and riding a few steers.”

He gave up playing football and basketball to dedicate his time to rodeos. 

The year-eight student heads off to New South Wales in mid-October where he said he is looking forward to learning more.

“I’ve finally reached a level where I can only keep getting better,” he said

“It was only this year that I started placing in competitions.”

The family believes Mr Lincoln is the only kid in Northam to participate in the sport and said it is even uncommon throughout the state. 

“We only have rodeos once a month here compared to over east that have them every weekend,” Mrs Lincoln said.

For her, she said the sports danger its no different to playing football and the risk of getting hit in the head

Mr Lincoln said his long term goal is to be selected to go to America in 2020.

“The Australian Bushmen's Campdraft and Rodeo Association pick a few from each state,” he said.

“You get to go over there and do a few rodeos in Texxas and Oklahoma.

“You compete in the high school national finals which sees people all over the world compete.”

Mr Lincoln said he would like to thank his trainer Teneale Kearney for her support. 

Ms Kearney attends every rodeo to help him out and the family said she has been fantasic. 

Mr Lincoln would also like to thank his sponsor Martin Butler who does all his shoe work.