A special visit to Northam Primary School

Claire Graham, Jane and Janette Kingston.
Claire Graham, Jane and Janette Kingston.

On Wednesday 8 August Northam Primary School had three very special people come and visit.

Claire Graham, Jane and Janette Kingston travelled all the way from the city to revisit the school they once attended many years ago.

Jane and Claire attended Northam Primary School from 1974-1982.

Family members also returned for the 100 Year Centenary in 1978 at Northam Primary School.

Janette Kingston is the wife of Graham Kingston who was the Principal at Northam Primary School from 1975-1980.

He had been Principal at West Northam Primary School from 1971-1974.

After leaving Northam Primary School, Mr Kingston became Regional Superintendent for the Midlands Region.

Janette, Jane and Claire enjoyed a stroll around the school reminiscing about old times and looked through old photos that are housed in the library from their era.

Anita Hayes is the library officer at Northam Primary School.