Your guide to the Avon Descent 2018

The Race


Action starts with the power boats leaving at 8.00am followed by the paddlers at 8.30am.

View the start of the race from the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Australia and watch competitors face the first obstacle just 600m downstream from the start at Northam Weir. 

Parking is not permitted in the gravel area near the Weir.

Katrine Bridge (17 km from the start)

Katrine Bridge is the first changeover for teams and the next major obstacle.

Power craft from 8.15am, paddlers from 9.30am

Dumbarton Bridge

Dumbarton Bridge is a five minute drive from Katrine Bridge heading towards Toodyay along the Northam-Toodyay Rd. 

Extract Weir (3 km from Toodyay / 29 km from Northam)

Extracts Weir is considered to be the most dangerous and menacing obstacle on the 124 km course.

Power craft from 8.20am, paddlers from 10.00am

Toodyay (32 km from the start)

Power craft from 8.25am, paddlers from 10.20am

Ti Trees

The Boral Cobbler Pool Finish Line/Campsite

Boral Cobblers Pool campsite is the finish of Day 1 and the start of Day 2.  First Powercraft are expected from 9:00am and the first paddlers from 12:30pm. 

Start of Day Two – Sunday 5th August

The first paddlers depart Cobblers Pool towards Emu Falls from 7:00am on day two and the Power Craft from 12:00pm.

Emu Falls (8km from Cobblers Pool)

Challenging for most competitors, Emu Falls is the first major obstacle on day 2 and takes the form of an S bend.

Paddlers from 7.30am, power craft 12.10pm.  

Walyunga National Park – Syds Rapid (38.5 km from Cobblers Pool)

Shuttle bus services are available from spectator parking area to Long Pool.

Paddlers from 9:30am, power craft from 12.25pm.

Bells Rapids (46.5 km from Cobblers Pool)

One of the most popular and spectacular vantage points of the event. 

The first paddlers are expected from 10am and power craft from 12:30pm.

Swan Valley

Due to parking problems at Upper Swan Bridge, viewing is not particularly suitable.

Garvey Park

Spectator sites are numerous, among them being Success Hill Reserve, Point Reserve, Pickering Park, Sandy Beach Reserve.

Finish Line and Trophy Presentation

Don’t miss the action at the finish line as competitors start arriving from 12 noon.