Investigating the Avon River foam; safe or toxic?

Have you ever wondered what creates the foam on the Avon River? And how safe is it?

In the lead up to the 2018 Avon Descent, UWA student James Dingley has created a video investigating the cause of the foam.

“I always enjoy watching the Avon Descent, but have been concerned about the competitors paddling through the foam,” Mr Dingley said.

“I'm sure people of the Avon Valley would be interested to learn more about this foam.”

In episode eight of Mr Dingley’s series on Perth Science, he visits the University of Western Australia to conduct chemical tests on foam collected at the Bells Rapids. 

His findings reveal when organisms that live in the river die their proteins that make up their body turn into carbon that creates the foam.

His conclusion; the foam is not toxic, but instead a naturally occurring process.

Check out his video above.