Latest results for darts in Northam

Results for July 13: 

Two players got 180 on Friday, July 13.

They were Trevor Davis snr and Desi Power.

Straight darts guys – well done. 

Thunder 10 defeated Wanderers 1 

Best Thunder: Trevor Davis snr HS 180, Ricky Pickett HA 61.72 and Trevor Davis snr HP 42. Fantastic darts Thunder.

Best Wanderers: Daniel Christmass HS 125, Graeme Birkett HA 41.38 and Mark Schelfhout HP 36. Well done guys. 

Shaft 5 defeated by Maali2 6 

Best Maali2: Brad Davies who got the HS 140 and the HA 47.80, with Beau Wagenaar HP 58; 

Best Shaft: Ross Beard took out the trifecta HS 125, HA 43.11 and HP 31. Great game both teams. 

Workers Club 4 defeated by Cats 7

Best Workers Club: Desi Power HS 180, Trevor Rodney HA 56.88 and Thelma Shipard HP 40; 

Best Cats: N. Cooper HS 160, Gordon Narrier who took out the HA 68.52 and two HPs worth mentioning, 146 and 139. Fantastic darts Gordon. Well done to both teams. 

Results for July 11: 

Maali1 6 defeated Wanderers 5 

Best Maali1: Shaun Geary and Beau Wagenaar HS 140, Shaun Geary HA 48.89 and Beau Wagenaar HP 75; 

Best Wanderers: Francois Holloway HS 140, Joan Priest HA 42.76 and Graeme Birkett HP 40. 

Shaft 6 defeated Thunder 5 

Best Shaft: Almost the entire team top scored with HS 100 – they were Marc McDermott, Jason Behenna, Shaun Bazley, Sue Kellyjones and Peter Matjuszenko who also took out the HA 48.42 and HP 60; 

Best Thunder: Trevor Davis snr and Nancy Davis HS 121, Roger Clinch HA 53.6 and Chevy Davis taking the HP 80. Fantastic darts by both teams.

Maali2 forfeited to Workers.

Results for July 4 – Drawn Doubles: 

This was a fantastic night of darts where everyone enjoyed themselves.

There were lots of laughs and fantastic darts thrown by all who participated.

Eventual winners were Trevor Davis snr and his partner Levi Cooper with the runners-up being Rosanna Pickett and Gordon Narrier; and Hugh Davis and Maz Smith third. 

The HP was Rosanna Pickett 88. 

Results for July 2 – Ladies Singles: 

A fun night of darts where we had mothers against daughters, grandmothers against grandchildren and friends and teammates against each other. 

The eventual winner was Kayleigh Pickett who played her mother Rosanna Pickett.

Joan Priest was third.

HS was Tania Davey 135 and the HP was Natasha Little.