June 27 results for Northam men's darts

June 27 darts results.
June 27 darts results.

Results for games played on June 27

There were only two games played on this night. 

Wanders vs Cats 

Cats were the winners here with 9 to Wanderers 2.

Best for the Wanderers were Ron Schelfhout high score 133, Graeme Birkett high average 46.19 and Ron Schelfhout also taking out the high peg 55.

Well done.

Top for Cats were Alyssa Thompson high score 140 and Levi Cooper took the high average 58.51 and the high peg 93.


Shaft vs Worker Club

Shaft won this game 7 to Workers Club 4.

Best for Shaft were Sue Kelly-Jones and Ross Beard high score 100 with Ross Beard taking the high average 44.60 and high peg 85.

Top scorers for Workers Club were Alan Cook high score 125, while Desi took out the high average 47.64 and high peg 60.

Well done teams.

Maali1 vs Maali2

This was a no game.