Winter Rug for Henry the horse on Swanhill Farm

Local Northam woman Allison Ferguson has turned her hobby of crocheting into a large scale work of art, making a giant rug for Henry the horse from Swanhill Farm. 

Ms Ferguson has been crocheting large rugs from old bed sheets, quilt covers and scrap material to sell through Bunch of Dreams on Fitzgerald Street in Northam.

She said the store has given her the opportunity to experience selling her creations, whilst supporting her dream of creating rugs using second-hand materials. 

Through this exposure, Karen Ducat from Swanhill Farm, approached Ms Ferguson to make a horse rug for her Henry the Horse sculpture made by Otto Hampel. 

Using scrap material and old flags Ms Ferguson crocheted a large oval rug for Henry. 

The day of installation was a lovely sunny winter morning on July 6 with clients and staff from Essential Personnel out helping with farm tasks coming to join in attaching the rug. 

With everyone’s help and support, Henry now has a bright colourful rug.

Msa Ferguson said she is very honoured to have the opportunity to add her work to Otto’s sculpture, as Otto was her favourite primary school teacher and encouraged her love of art and craft in school. 

Next year she has promised Henry an even bigger rug.

The public can view Henry and his colourful rug at 1175 Jennapullin Road.