Shire of Northam draft budget breakdown – what projects can we expect?

The Shire of Northam Council has endorsed the draft budget for the 2018/19 financial year when they met on Monday 9 July.

The Shire will now advertise the change to rates before voting on the adoption of the budget at the end of the month.

Documents are now available online for the public to view.

A list of items for consideration has been released, with the Shire of Northam outlining projects they wish to undertake and budget for.

We break down some of the proposed projects and their costs below. 

What do you think of these projects? Which projects are you excited for?

Lighting for BMX track

The sum of $90,000 has been budgeted for installing lighting on the Northam BMX track on Peel Terrance.

$20,000 has been carried over from the 2017/18 financial year.

Lights are to be installed outside the hospitality room and along the track. 

Henry Street Oval turf replacement

The value of $30,000 has been budgeted towards the maintenance of Henry Street Oval.

Each year in the lead up to various sporting seasons Shire staff have been conducting turf upgrades to address minor patches that have struggled to recover during the year.

Low lying areas have been created after the extension of the original oval at the time of the construction of the Recreation Centre.

Low lying areas have mainly been identified at the Northey Street end of the oval.

Telethon community cinema 

$35,000 has been budgeted by the Shire of Northam for the outdoor community cinema in Bernard Park. 

It is proposed that the cinema viewing season would run on Thursdays to Sundays between 20 December 2018, and 10 March 2019, for 12 weeks with 48 screenings during that time. 

The $35,000 figure will cover the costs of of power, water, staffing if community volunteers cannot be sourced, rubbish removal, post season maintenance and repairs, and local marketing.

$5,000 has been budgeted for December 2018, with $10,000 budgeted for January, February and March.

Christmas decorations

Decorations for Christmas 2018 have been budgeted at $25,000 with funds going towards a Christmas mural, trees for towns outside of Northam and new decorations and incidentals. 

A quotes has been received from local business Christmas 360.

Wundowie community plan

$50,000 has been budgeted to go towards works to do with the Wundowie Community Plan 2016-2026.

The money will go towards improving BBQ facilities and family friendly spaces at the main park in the town.

Recreation Centre sign

Money has been budgeted for a digital display sign for the entrance to the Northam Recreation Centre. 

$55,000 has been set aside.

In 2015 the quote was $42,000.

Ready.Set.Go branding

$80,000 has been budgeted towards the Shire of Northam Ready.Set.Go re-brand. 

An initial production estimate was provided by JuiceBox, the brand and marketing company involved in the process.

Their draft quotes were as follows; 

Landing page- website design and development – $15,000

Four corporate videos – $5,000

Two prospectus – $2,500 + hourly rate

Development of TV and radio ads – $50,000

Outdoor billboard campaign – $10,000

Social media advertisements – $5,000

Email campaign – $5,000

Signage – $10,000 – $20,000

Print and stationery – $5,000

A draft media plan has also been made by Juicebox, proposing a budget of more than $95,000 towards traditional advertising including ads for GWN, WIN, Nova, Farm Weekly, the Avon Gazette and the West.

More than $66,000 has been proposed by the group for digital advertising including Facebook, Youtube, Farm Weekly, the West, Perthnow and the UrbanList. 

The media plan totals up to more than $160,000 excluding GST.