Northam showcase: South African painter’s Australian debut | Photos

David Lindsay, a highly regarded South African watercolourist, held his first Australian exhibition in Northam on Saturday.

Ten paintings were sold on the opening night of his Out of Africa exhibition, at Artists Revolution.

Mr Lindsay was born in Johannesburg and spent his childhood in a small village in Zambia.

The 88-year-old became well-known for his art and was a founding member of the Sun Gallery in South Africa.

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Mr Lindsay identifies as a realist who works to depict the beauty of life and nature.

“In South Africa I would paint landscapes and portraits...anything that took my fancy really,” he said.

“I decided to paint 43 African animal paintings for the exhibition. It’s different and something interesting for Australians to enjoy.”

Mr Lindsay moved to Northam five years ago with his wife Yvonne, who is also an artist.

“I would never go back to South Africa, we love Australia,” he said. “Australians remind me of South Africans...we are similar in our ways.”

Daughter Leandra Dunk said her father had to “prove himself” as an artist in Australia.

“My dad is a famous artist in South Africa,” she said.

“In Australia he has to start from scratch, and prove himself because Australians aren’t familiar with his past.”

Ms Dunk said her father was a “well-seasoned” artist who could paint “pretty much anything”. 

Ms Dunk moved to Northam ten years ago with her family and said it was a great place to live.

“It’s a home away from home,” she said. “We love it, and it’s a great place to live and raise a family.”

Ms Dunk said Pat Rose from Artists Revolution had been welcoming. 

“Pat went out of her way to welcome dad into Northam and to showcase his African art in Australia,” she said. 

Northam Shire president Chris Davidson opened the exhibition. 

Out of Africa will be showcased to July 29, at 226 Fitzgerald St Northam.