Mitchell Avenue speed limit could be reviewed due to development of Eco Lifestyle Village

The Shire of Northam Council has been approached by developers of the Northam Eco Lifestyle Village to consider a review of the current speed limit on Mitchell Avenue. 

At this stage the only engagement The Shire had had has been with the developers of the lifestyle village.

The review would be undertaken by Main Roads WA.

The Shire said there would be minor costs associated with installing additional infrastructure and advertising should any changes be made to the posted speed limit on Mitchell Avenue. 

The current speed limits along Mitchell Avenue are as follows:

If a review of the speed limits is undertaken by Main Roads WA and changes recommended then a public consultation program will need to be undertaken. 

Council will decide if they want to give a suggestion to Main Roads on the speed limit they think is appropriate for Mitchell Avenue, or leave it up to their discretion.

Executive manager engineering services Clinton Kleynhans said his personal suggestion for the posted speed limit of Mitchell Avenue around the lifestyle village is 50-60km/h. 

Shire officers asked Council to vote in favour of the review when they vote on Wednesday 20 June.