Northam council to vote on re-branding for the Shire

The Shire of Northam could have a new look with council being asked to vote in favour of a new branding concept for the area, when they next meet on Wednesday June 20.

The ‘Ready.Set.Go’ branding concept was created for the Shire by Perth-based agency Juicebox,

A survey was undertaken in January/February 2018 seeking feedback from key stakeholders within the Shire in regards to the brancding and a number of workshops were held in late March.

Juicebox also attended both High Schools where key stakeholders were invited to participate. 

From the information collected in this process, Juicebox prepared a Branding Strategy which was presented to stakeholders and Shire of Northam representatives on 3rd May 2018. 

Talking at the presentation, Juicebox creative director Anthony Nankervis said “ready” referred to business and industry within the Shire of Northam, “set” referred to community and “go” linked with tourism.

He said the team at Juicebox identified a “real positivity” and “energy” in the Shire that they wanted to represent in an activity based brand.

The branding exercise was a budgeted expenditure, totaling $19,800.

Once a decision is made by Council on the branding proposal, a development and execution budget will be presented to the 2018/19 budget meeting if required.

Shire of Northam chief executive officer Jason Whiteaker said when talking about Northam, the branding refers to the whole Shire not just the town. 

“The feedback as a result of the presentation has been extremely positive, with people attending asking when they can start using the new branding,” Mr Whiteaker said.

“Staff are seeking Council’s endorsement for the branding to enable staff to continue with the momentum and co-ordinate a launch of the new ‘Brand Northam’.”