Northam Hospital update: due for completion in 2019

The Northam Health Service redevelopment is progressing well and is expected to be completed by early 2019, according to an update from the WA Country Health Service. 

Areas that are already completed include the inpatient extension, the refurbished kitchen and the receivals area for delivery of supplies and the engineering department.

Outpatient services are still under construction with completion expected in mid-July.

Office workstations in the area are completed and consult rooms are receiving final fitouts. 

Services and staff of the outpatient service are expected to transition into the new area in late August

The Surgical and Sterilising Services at Northam Health Service are being expanded in two parts to ensure services offered will be impacted as little as possible by the redevelopment.

Stage one is currently taking place.

The complex mechanical and electrical services are nearing completion and walls are flooring are being completed.

The plant and communication rooms that drive Surgical Services are almost completed.

Completion of stage one is expected in late August, with services transitioning in late September.

A new emergency department is being built to enable expanded services.

The roof is completed, mechanical and electrical services are partway through installation and external brickwork is continuing.

Completion for the emergency department is expected in late September, with services transitioning in late October.

Artwork is being installed progressively as the stages are completed.

The Ambulatory Care building artwork is already installed.

Panels near the entry of the hospital represent pebbles in the local creeks, with the sunlight reflecting through the water and a panel near the carpark is a stylised banksia.

A constuction tender for the $42 million redevelopment of Northam District Hospital was awarded in January 2017 to Pindan.