Northam woman uses stolen car to buy $500 worth of meth

A Northam woman has been sentenced to a six-month community based order for stealing a motor vehicle and trading it in exchange for $500 worth of methamphetamine.

Emily Vera Garlett pleaded guilty to stealing a motor vehicle and breaching bail when she appeared in Northam Magistrates Court on Monday 11 June for sentencing.

On Wednesday 24 January, 2018 Garlett was at the residence of John Ashworthy.

Earlier that day the 70-year-old had had driven Garlett around in his vehicle and bought her alcohol.

Garlett asked Mr Ashworthy if she could use his mid 1990s BMW and he refused. 

While Mr Ashworthy was preparing food, Garlett took the keys for the car and took the vehicle without his knowledge. 

Garlett then used the vehicle to swap in exchange for $500 worth of methamphetamine.

The vehicle was later recovered in April in Langford with no clear damage. 

Garlett’s lawyer Sylvia Crombie said her client asked to borrow the car so she could attend her aunt’s funeral, but handed over the vehicle for the drugs prior to that.

Ms Crombie said Mr Ashworthy had ‘come onto’ her client, inappropriately kissing her, and she used the car to get herself out of the situation.

Magistrate Jennifer Hawkins said these were serious allegations. 

“This is a serious matter to bring up,” she said.

“You could have left without stealing his vehicle.

“This offending is all too common in this community and you basically sold it for drugs.

“You’ve got a really poor record when it comes to stealing vehicles and dishonesty.

“This was a deliberate action on her part and it was not to go to a funeral.”

Garlett was sentenced to a six-month community based order and made to pay costs.