Northam lions sponsor local students

Northam Lions welcomed two students, Rishaye Shaw from NSHS, and Katie Harris from St. Joseph’s to their meeting to listen of their adventures when they participated at The Outward Bound course,  held during the Last term school holidays.

Both students attended were sponsored by The Northam Lions Club, and reported they had a fantastic time.

All members listened as they told of their fun, involvement with other participants and their activities that they endured and experienced in the two weeks.

Outward Bound Australia focuses on personal and leadership development through outdoor adventure activities.

The courses are open to groups and individuals between 13 yrs and 75 yrs, and the students from Northam schools, are selected when they are in their final year of school before leaving for further studies.

The first Outward Bound course was held in Australia in 1956 and many many courses have been held since. 

OBA’s outdoor education courses are based on the principles adopted by German educator Kurt Hahn, which was  to train young British seaman to survive in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Second World War.

The Northam Lions Club also invited Mrs Cox, Principal Of St. Joseph school, and both students families. 

Lions Club Northam are very happy to sponsor students who show the initiative to strive for leadership, and wish to extend their learning and commitment and join with other students from other schools who attend these courses. 

This course enables students to experience the impact of self perception from the beginning to the end of the two weeks and enhanced their learning program towards self efficacy, motivation, community participation, and life experiences.

Thank you  to Rishaye and Katie for sharing their personal experiences.