CRC discusses game plan

A mother of four has taken matters into her own hands and organised a meeting in her community to discuss the future of the Community Resource Centre in her town.

Nicola Keliher, of Wandering organised the meeting on Tuesday 14 May after the Government’s announcement of reduction in funding for CRCs as of July 2019.

Funding allocation will depend on the population of the area and the proximity to other CRCs.

The Government said under the recommended approach, the majority of CRCs will be offered $70,000 a year.

Other CRCs will be offered $50,000 a year if they are within a community over 3,000 people or they are within 30km to another CRC or major regional centre.

Under these cuts Wandering CRC would be classed in the teir two bracket meaning they would recieve $50,000 in Government funding a year. 

The explanation Mrs Keliher has received is that Wandering CRC is within 30km of Boddington. 

She said this is not the case, that it is in fact 33km. 

“They’ve measured it as the crow flies, not the distance you would travel using roads.”

We shouldn’t be fighting against each other but I think that’s what [the Government] wants.

Nicole Keliher

Mrs Keliher said those three-kilometres make a huge difference to their community when it could mean an additional $20,000 a year. 

“When you’re talking about cutting 40 and 50-per-cent of funds it makes a big difference,” she said. 

“I see this as a very planned attack from the Government.

“They has come at a time when the community is seeding and waiting for rain.”

Referring to Minister for Regional Development, Alannah MacTiernan’s comments that funding could be negotiated but it would mean taking away from another CRC, Mrs Keliher said it was like pinning children against each other. 

“It’s like they are the parents and we are the children,” she said. 

“We shouldn’t be fighting against each other but I think that’s what the Government wants.

“These CRCs should be individually assessed.”

Mrs Keliher said she is not scared to stand up for her own rights, and the rights of those in her community.

“We must always fight,” she said.

“Otherwise it looks like we agree with what the Government is doing.”

Since this article went to print, Minister for Regional Development Alannah MacTiernan said she would upgrade Wandering CRC to tier 1 funding. The CRC will now receive 70-per-cent of their original funds as of July 2019.