Privacy breached in ‘vile’ bumper sticker incident

Labor member for the Agriculture Region, Darren West, has called the unwanted placement of bumper stickers on his car a personal attack and breach of privacy.

During a visit to Moora last week, two ‘Save Moora College’ stickers were placed on his personal car.

An image was taken and circulated online.

Mr West told the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt Advocate the incident was vile. 

“The Moora campaign has previously been described as vile and I would say that is a fair assessment,” he said.

“This is my personal car that my family use.

“I don’t advertise the fact this is my car, yet people still target it.”

Mr West said it was a deterrent to go to Moora and celebrate the achievements of the town.

“I choose to go to Moora,” he said.

“These interactions have the opposite effect.

“Why would I want to continue to go back?”

Mr West said he expects the ‘personal attacks’ to continue until the end of the year when the college will close.

Martin Aldridge, Nationals WA member for the Agriculture Region said he did not support the behaviour of those who placed the stickers on Mr West’s car. 

“Whilst it is unlikely that the application of a sticker to Mr West’s BMW X5 would cause any damage, I cannot condone the interference with private property,” he said.

“It is noteworthy that whilst Mr West has expressed concerns about personal attacks on him, he has called constituents ‘whingers’ and told them to ‘move on’ from the safety of social media in response to the Labor Government’s planned closure of the Moora Residential College.

“This issue is personal to many people who will be impacted by the government decision to close the college at year end and their concern and frustration should not be underestimated.

“Unlike Mr West whose benchmark for regional education is that our kids are still better off than those in Syria, The Nationals take regional education most seriously and will continue to support the community in their endeavours to save the Moora Residential College.”