Fun for funds: Commonwealth Bank Northam branch shows support for the Clown Doctors

Northam CommBank employees are inviting the community to help them raise funds for the Clown Doctors in branch throughout April.

Branch employees will be supporting the Clown Doctors once again with their annual delivery of home baked goods to local businesses who have pledged orders to support the cause on Monday,16 April.

Clown Doctors is the core program of The Humour Foundation, a not-for- profit organisation that provides medical clowns to sick children in hospital, treating them with a different kind of medicine – fun and laughter.

Clown Doctors is CommBank Foundation’s National Community Grant recipient for 2017-2020.

Throughout the month of April, Commonwealth Bank branches across Australia will be raising funds in support of the Clown Doctors.

Donations to the Clown Doctors can be made at any Commonwealth Bank branch throughout April or online at

“We’ve been supporting the Clown Doctors for more than 19 years, and it’s a cause our team is very passionate about,” said Clara Watson, Commonwealth Bank Northam Branch Manager.

“Through our fundraising day, we hope to help Clown Doctors achieve their goal of providing more Clown Rounds in hospitals across Australia.

“We look forward to welcoming the community to join us in our branch to share some laughs and make a donation.”

“Clown Doctors bring happiness to all who experience their magic,” said Tony Warner, CEO of Clown Doctors.

“The smiles, play and laughter will always be needed as long as there are sick children in hospital.

“These highly trained, medical clowns are also professional performers who spread ‘doses’ of fun and laughter throughout the wards.

“We’re so grateful to CommBank and the community for their support in raising much needed funds to help Clown Doctors continue to uplift and empower sick children, their parents and hospital staff.”