Community art project revealed by York CRC

The York Community Resource Centre has been busy at work on the York Community Art Project on the outside wall of the local indoor basketball court. 

With the help of local children, the CRC ran a seven week program working on the mural for an hour after school each Wednesday. 

The artwork, called The Youth Silhouette Art Project was unveiled at a community barbecue on Wednesday afternoon. 

The artwork features silhouettes of sports players on the top of colourful backgrounds. 

The addition of hand prints of those involved and their names was a touch the York CRC said gave the work a more personal connection for the children.

Shire President David Wallace was in attendance and said in the short time the work has been on display he has already had a lot of positive feedback from the community. 

He said it was important that the children involved were proud of themselves and felt as though they had ownership of the work.

Representatives from the York Police were manning the barbecues cooking up dinner for the guests. 

The York CRC said they were impressed with the great turn out on the afternoon of the unveiling with families of children involved showing up, Shire staff and Councilors and local teachers. 

Robyn Garratt, Coordinator at the York CRC said the group were looking forward to their next project and were waiting for the Shire of York to identify other spaces for community art projects. 

She said, even when the group of children were working on the artwork they noticed their presence encouraged other children from the community to come down and watch them at work. 

Senior Office Assistant at the CRC, Sarina Narkle said she was very impressed with the final product and that numbers of attendance rose as the project picked up. 

She said at the beginning of the art project they had nine children come and help and by the end of it they had an overwhelming demand and many helping hands.

Ms Narkle said the project was made extra special with the help of the York District High School Year 9 cadets involvement in planting native shrubs and ground cover along the base of the work. 

The York CRC would like to thank the Department of Local Government and Communities for the Grant funding for the project, the Shire of York for the use of the space and supply & placement of the mulch, the York Wildflower Society for kindly donating the native plants, the York Police for their ongoing support, the York CRC Committee for their support and the York community for their support & positive feedback throughout the project.