Fire shuts down Northam main roads

A fire has caused Fitzgerald Street and the Northam railway line to close after a DFES were alerted of a fire just after 12.30pm on Tuesday.

The fire was classified as property under threat by fire crews as it got up to the fence line of Northam Hyundai. Hyundai Northam manager Wade Robertson was coming back from lunch when he noticed the fire.

“I was getting my lunch and was on the way back when I saw smoke in the air,” he said.

“We had to move all of the cars out of the back shed. All the staff were running around moving cars and getting them out of the way.”

The only damage was to a shed at the back of the dealership and the corrugated iron fence, both of which will need replacing. Six fire trucks and 15 firefighters were on the scene and had the fire under control within 20 minutes.

The cause of the fire is unknown with police investigating. Mr Robertson said the damage could have been a lot worse.

“Big thanks to DFES for their work and to my staff for acting fast,” he said.