A petition against the closure of Northam Residential College and School of the Air, by Nationals MP Vincent Catania has gone viral.

The Northam Residential College is set to close as of 2019, seeing 20 students left without a place to live.
The Northam Residential College is set to close as of 2019, seeing 20 students left without a place to live.

Amid the McGowan governments announcement of regional education cuts including the closure of Northam Residential College and School of the Air a petition has gone viral protesting the changes.

The changes, to roll out in 2019, are intended to save the Government $64 million over four years.

Nationals MLA Vincent Catania, the member for North West Central started a petition on change.org addressed to Mr McGowan opposing the cuts.

To date it has had more than 30 thousand signatures of support and thousands of comments condemning the closures.

Mr Cantania said the cuts are an attack on regional WA.

“[The cuts are] all on top of the already announced closure of Aboriginal education offices across regional WA and the significant cuts to the Boarding Away from Home Allowance for remote and isolated families to attend school in regional centres or Perth,” he said.

Mr Catania isn’t the only Nationals member to stand against the changes with Nationals leader Mia Davies calling the announcement a “dark day” for country WA.

"It is a disgraceful decision, especially when you contrast it with the $68 million inner-city school being trumpeted by the Premier and Education Minister just two days ago," she said.

"The McGowan Government has made a decision that puts the needs of country kids and their education at the bottom of the pile, behind unfunded election commitments like Metronet.”

Education Minister Sue Ellery said the decisions were difficult but the government had inherited a tough financial position including a record debt, tipped to soar to $43.8 billion.

Supporters of the petition have left comments on the change.org page expressing their disgust towards the announcement.

“There is no way that SIDE can deliver to bush kids the quality of education and pastoral care that SOTAs can,” said Emma Foulkes-Taylor from Yalgoo.

“Cutting out camps for SOTA kids and their home tutors will have a hugely detrimental effect- the value of them is immeasurable. Saving $64m - at what cost to our kids and regional communities?”

“The government needs to reverse its decision to abolish SOTAs. Education in the bush is at times challenging and can best be met by small, regionally based campuses,” said campaigner Debbie Dowden.

Along side the cuts comes a hit out from Ms Davies at Education Minister Sue Ellery for blocking herself and other supporters of the Save the School of Air campaign on Twitter.

"It is clear the Minister does not want to be held to account for the decisions she has made," she said.