Monster trucks roll into the Speedway

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There have been mixed reviews on the monster truck event that was held in Northam on Saturday night.

About 2000 people attended the The Great Monster Showdown at the Avon Valley Speedway that was run by company Ultimate Monster Action Pty Ltd.

The event started smoothly with swarms of families positioning themselves at the stadium, ready for an action-packed night.

Co-producer and guest MC Adam Brand used the loudspeaker to run the show and encouraged the crowd to cheer and chant.

Monster trucks rolled on to the dirt track and performed impressive jumps, rolled over old cars and took attendees on rides during the show.

About 30 minutes into the event, the freestyle motocross riders started doing tricks off a jump which garnered a huge response from the crowd.

One rider started seconds before another rider and landed the jump.

The other followed closely behind but came off his motorbike when attempting to land.

Paramedics treated the man at the scene before he was transferred to hospital.

The motocross stunts did not continue but the show went on. 

It is understood the man is out of hospital and did not receive any serious injuries. 

Following the event, the show received heavy criticism on social media for having poor lighting, poor sound quality and for being too expensive for the entertainment that was provided on the night.

There was also no fireworks which were advertised as part of the event.

We would like to thank Northam and surrounding areas. And the majority of patrons who enjoyed the show

Ultimate Monster Action Pty Ltd spokesperson Aaron Brunner

Avon Valley Speedway promotions manager Jason Bloxsidge issued a public apology on Sunday afternoon which stated there were “many factors that worked against the venue management”. 

In the statement, he said the promoter, Ultimate Monster Action Pty Ltd, was very hard to work with and thanked the Northam Shire for their help.

As a result of the “substandard show”, he said they will hold a Free Spectator Entry night on January 27, 2018. 

Shortly after this, Ultimate Monster Action Pty Ltd spokesperson Aaron Brunner issued a statement on the Northam Community Board Facebook page in response to the negative feedback on the event. 

In the post he said the event was only given permission to go ahead on the day.

He said the cancellation of the fireworks was out of their control and the only mistake they made was to hire a venue they had never been to before, in good faith.

“We are just glade (glad) as a company that there was no public injured due to inadequate venue,” Mr Brunner said.

“We would like to thank Northam and surrounding areas. And the majority of patrons who enjoyed the show.”

However, Cardile fireworks manager Rob Cardile revealed to the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt Advocate that an “agreement could not be made” between the fireworks company and the promoter on the day.

Motorsport is very dangerous and they understand that

Adam Brand

He said the fireworks company had no choice but to pull out of the monster truck show in Northam as well as the upcoming show in Perth.

Following the event, co-producer and guest MC Adam Brand told the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt Advocate that the motorbike accident impacted the show.

“When you have something like that happen, it is very concerning,” he said. “You get very worried.”

He added the riders had to feel 100 per cent when they perform.

“Motorsport is very dangerous and they understand that,” he said.

“They are absolute legends and I wouldn’t for a second try and do what they do.” Mr Brand said the crowds and children who engaged with the show were fantastic.

He said he enjoyed his week-long stay in Northam where he promoted the event and held a talk for Northam Primary School students. 

“I don’t usually get time to stay in the community for a long time,” Mr Brand said.

“I got to become a local for a week which was really nice. I had a great time in Northam, it is a great little town and you can feel the buzz from the new development happening. 

The final monster truck show in WA will be held at the Barbagallo Raceway on November 18.