Northam fuel prices hike

Motorists are urged to wait before they top up, after the fuel at most petrol stations surged up almost 30 cents on Tuesday. 

The hike hit service stations in Northam and its surrounding areas. 

The biggest difference between yesterday and today was 28 cents a litre at Northam’s Caltex Woolworths station on Wellington Street, according to Consumer Protection’s Fuel Watch website.

The station boasted the lowest price on Monday, at 114.9 cents a litre for petrol. 

Dunning’s Northam have the cheapest fuel today at 129.9 cents a litre, the same as yesterday, and is forecast to be the same price tomorrow. 

Both Coles Express on Gairdner Street and Caltex Woolworths on Wellington Street are set to drop to 139.9 tomorrow cents a litre tomorrow. 

For more information visit the Fuel Watch website