Clackline Progress Association holds event

The Clackline Progress Association held a meetup on Saturday for old and new members of the community, to reflect on the history of the area and discuss its future. 

It also gave old friends who grew up together in Clackline, a chance to reconnect at the event. 

“We wanted to bring the community back together again,” said Progress Association secretary Anne Letch.  

“It used to be a really thriving community – then we lost it.”

Anne said it was important for the community to support the local store. “We encourage everyone to at least buy the paper and a jug of milk regularly – to keep it open,” she said.

We wanted to bring the community back together again

Anne Letch

Anne said the association has about eight active members. 

“We want to generate a bit of interest to hopefully carry on the progress association because we don’t want it to die completely. 

“Hopefully some new people join so we can eventually hand it over to the next generation because we are all in our eighties.