Beth Rewell turns 90

Northam woman Beth Rewell celebrated her 90th birthday recently, with her friends, known as the Birthday Girls, at Cafe Yasou.

The group of friends meet for each members birthday and enjoy morning tea at the local cafe. 

Fourteen friends spoilt Ms Rewell on the day, with flowers, cards and a cake. 

“It was really lovely,” she said. 

Ms Rewell said a young girl Grace and her mother bought her a balloon on the day after they saw the celebrations take place.

Those are the things that happen that make your day

Beth Rewell

 “The young girl who was about three asked her Mum to get me a present, so she went and bought me a balloon,” she said. 

“Those are the things that happen that make your day,” she said.

Reflecting on her many years, Ms Rewell said the ability to not feel safe at home is a big change in society. “We had so much freedom,” she said.

“You didn’t have to lock your doors.

“We didn’t worry about people breaking in.

“We were taught not to touch others things – it was a definite no no.” 

Florence Hill will be the next birthday girl, turning 80 on October 19.