Construction Reference Group from York and Quairading saves trees

Main Roads have met with the community for a second time to discuss road works proposed for York-Merredin Road, between York and Quairading. 

The Construction Reference Group (CRG) met to review proposed vegetation clearing between Jacobs Well Road and Toapin Road.

The group includes farmers, landowners, representatives from the Shires of Quairading and York, the Conserving Avon Riverine Environments Group, the Wildflower Society and local police. 

York Shire president David Wallace said the aim of Main Roads was to consult with stakeholders and provide a safe road but minimise damaging the environment in the process. 

“The idea is to save as many trees as possible without compromising the safety of drivers on the road,” said Mr Wallace.  

The idea is to save as many trees as possible without compromising the safety of drivers on the road

Shire of York president David Wallace

A Main Roads spokesperson said feedback from the group revealed that a wider road was needed for farmers and other road users. 

The spokesperson said members with an environmental focus also wanted a safe road but would like to retain as much vegetation as possible.

“We have developed a road design that shifts the road to the north to protect a significant amount of vegetation and trees on the south side,” the spokesperson said.

“Recent counts show that on the south side, if the road would have been widened on both sides, over 1,000 trees would have had to be removed.

“However, by shifting the road to the north, up to 800 trees can be saved, with around 200-250 trees possibly needing to be removed.”

The Main Roads spokesperson said a guard rail might be installed east of Manning Road, to save other mature trees.  

“Guardrails aren't suitable at all locations, such as at intersections or on curves, and there are significant costs involved. 

“They can also constrain the movement of agricultural machinery so can only to be used in appropriate locations.”