Northam Senior High School students re-vegetate the Flour Mill site

Northam Senior High School students teamed up with the Avon Valley Environmental Society this week to make the new island downstream of the Flour Mill site a bit greener.

With the help of the society volunteers, the students helped to re-vegetate the island, which was created following the summer floods.

Environmental Society’s Peter Weatherly said recent floods had caused huge amounts of silt to shift, changing the hydrology of the town pool.

“Since the town pool is wider than the upstream section the water tends to slow down, lose some of its energy and therefore allow the heavier sand particles to fall and re-sculpture the bottom of the pool,” he said.

He said the re-vegetation of the site would help stabilise the island, create habitat for native wildlife, increase diversity and improve the visual amenity of the area.

“It was also an enjoyable exercise for the students as well as a learning experience,” he said.

The seedlings were supplied by Greening Australia.

The site will be carefully monitored and photographed over time to keep a record of any significant changes.