Huge monster truck showdown planned for Northam Speedway

WA’s own Adam Brand has launched the inaugural ‘Great Monster Showdown - The West Australian Triple Header Series of Destruction’.

Monster truck madness.

Monster truck madness.

The new show will visit Northam Speedway on Saturday, November 4. 

The show is set to the backdrop of a bitter rivalry between good and evil – the Rangers and the Pirates.

Complete with death-defying stunts from monster trucks to freestyle motor cross and the insane wacky races, this show is set to take the traditional monster truck event to a whole new level.

Mr Brand, a country music superstar, along with Australian Monster Truck Champion Troy Garcia, are the driving forces behind the new show.

“We are so excited to be bringing The Great Monster Showdown in Northam,” Mr Brand said.

“We’ve teamed up with family-owned and proud West Australian company, Wormall Civil to bring you this amazing event.

“We think we’ve got a pretty cool product that not only showcases the best of monster trucks and freestyle motor cross in a new show format, but also delivers value for money entertainment with a touch of humour.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously thanks to acts such as Benny the Clown and the insane wacky races.”

The show is unlike any monster truck show scene in Australia.

“It’s a fully choreographed show with death defying stunts, music, lights and action,” Mr Brand said.

“The show follows a battle between two arch enemies - the Rangers and the Pirates fighting it out to be crowned the 2017 champions.”

The ground will pound when these trucks on steroids arrive in Northam for one special show on Saturday, November 4.

The ground will pound when these trucks on steroids arrive in Northam for one special show on Saturday, November 4.

The Great Monster Showdown, promises something for fans and first-time monster truck show goers.

“All I can say is, expect the unexpected and be prepared to ride the highs and lows and have a lot of fun.”

For novice fans monster trucks are an extreme attack on the senses.

They are big, powerful and extremely spectacular.

And they draw in a crowd with drivers pushing these state-of-the-art machines to the limit.

Fans who have seen monster trucks in action before are left in awe over how high they jump.

People in the Avon Valley who have never seen monster trucks before have been encouraged to attend this unique show.

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