CBH Group supports mental health in regional WA

LEADERS from the CBH Group are hoping personal stories shared in a new online video series will help raise awareness of the importance of mental health in regional WA.

CBH Group chairman Wally Newman, member directors John Hassell, Brian McAlpine and Simon Stead and general manager of business transformation Matt Shellabear have each given an insight into how mental health has affected their lives in videos being released each day this week.

In 2015, the suicide rate was 13.8 per 100,000 people in the greater Perth area and 19.8 per 100,000 people for the rest of the State.

As parts of the northern and eastern grainbelt suffer through dry seasonal conditions, Mr Newman said it was important that those suffering from mental health issues knew they were not alone. 

He said the purpose of the campaign was to remove the stigma attached to mental illness and encourage regional people – particularly men – to seek help.

“We know up north it’s a poor season up and they’ll be feeling it, so we know what they’re going through,” Mr Newman said.

“As a farmer I know first hand how rewarding and challenging life on the land can be, particularly if you’ve got stock.”