Tropic Thunder defeat Bandits


Year 5/6

York Redbacks (2) def Thundersticks (0)

Best Players: Redbacks – Allan Daff, Chrystal McCagh and Leila Beaton; 

Goals: Chrystal McCagh (1) and Tuppance Lane (1).

Hills v Titans; No results.

Year 7/8

York Wolves (1) draw Thundersticks (1)

Best Players: Wolves – Tama Peipi, Charlie Gaskell and Tyson Jones; 

Goals: Hayley Mills (1); 

Thundersticks – Bradman Batkin, Kate Gentle and Campbell Horsburgh; 

Goals: Bradman Batkin (1).

Hills (6) def Titans (0)

Best Players: Hills – Kirsten Wray, Tom Wild and Oliver Cliff; 

Goals: Kirsten Wray (3), Dom Lenard (2) and Tom Wild (1); 

Titans – Boyd Ferrier, Willim Birch and Jarrod Williamson.

Year 11/12 

Cunderdin Ag forfeited to Titans (3)

York Demons (3) def Vipers (0)

Best Players: Demons –  Jackson Booth, Alex Linto and James Thomas; 

Goals: Jackson Booth (2) and Brooke Linto (1); 

Vipers – Will Gentle, Sophie Davidson and Noah Whiteaker.


Beverley (0) def by Jenna (4)

Best Players: Beverley – Nicola Broun, Chantelle Meade and Lisa Mourach; 

Jennacubbine – Kelsey Lawrence, Jayde Edmonds and Rheanne Allan; 

Goals: Kelsey Lawrence (1), Maddison Smith (1), Nikki Smith (1) and Courtney Fleay (1).

York Jets def Aces

Best Players: Jets – Belwyn Fairclough, Indy McMartin and Claire Springbett; 

Goals: Tegan Ashowrth (2), Belwyn Fairclough (2), Melissa Welsh (2) and Helen Guiness (1); 

Aces – Allison Ferguson, Ruth Read and Carol Rogers.


Towns Bandits (1) def by Tropic Thunder (7)

Best Players: Tropic Thunder – Tim Reynolds, Ben Saunders and Jordan Lucy; 

Goals: Becky Linto (2), Jordan Lucy (2), Tim Reynolds (2) and Jordan Nottle (1); 

Bandits – Jason Whiteaker, Brian Ferguson and Bailey Donegan; 

Goals: Bailey Donegan (1).

Towns (0) def by Undies (2)

York 1 (5) def Wongan (1)

Best Players: York 1 – Richard Devlin, Michael Hooper and Chris Battista; 

Goals: Chris Battista (2), Darryl Sims (1), John Seabrook (1) and Kevin Morrison (1); 

Wongan – Adam Kelly, Albert Bookham and Brock O’Malley; 

Goals: Adam Kelly (1).