RAC WA road safety survey

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

Drivers said speeding is the most common rule they see broken on Western Australian roads, according to a recent RAC survey.

More than a third of survey respondents admitting to regularly seeing other motorists exceed the legal speed limit.

The top 10 rules broken by drivers:

  • Speeding (%37)
  • Failure to indicate (%33)
  • Tailgating (%27)
  • Using a mobile phone (%25)
  • Running red or amber lights (%21)
  • Incorrect use of roundabouts (%20)
  • Incorrectly merging (%19)
  • Failure to keep left (%10)
  • Changing lanes over a solid continuous lane marking (%9)
  • Failure to give way (%9)

RAC general manager corporate affairs Will Golsby said the results are alarming and is urging Western Australians to put their safety first and obey the rules.

“Road rules and laws are there for a reason, so it is worrying that so many drivers are openly breaking them – especially when WA has the worst road fatality rate of any State in Australia,” Mr Golsby said.

“Speed continues to be the leading cause of crashes, so it is both unacceptable and heartbreaking that more than a third of survey respondents regularly see drivers breaking speed limits.

“A further quarter of respondents said they see people tailgating and using their mobile phone behind the wheel – two dangerous habits which have been shown as being the main contributors to rear-end crashes.

“While tailgating and phone use are not the only contributing factors to rear-end crashes, putting our phones away and maintaining a safe following would help make a real difference. 

“You’re in control of what you do behind the wheel, but you’re not in control of the consequences of your decision.”