Cold weather and showers to hit wheatbelt

A series of cold fronts and showers will move through the wheatbelt over the next week, according to Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Austin Watkins. 

“The next week or so with the series of cold fronts moving through there will be rain on and off, so agricultural areas will see some rain,” he said. 

The wheatbelt shivered through the coldest day of the year last week with a high of 12 degrees on Wednesday, August 2. 

It was the coldest August day since 2004 in Perth, reaching around 14.2 degrees said Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Austin Watkins. 

“You may have been aware that we had a fairly strong and vigorous cold front that brought in cold air,” he said. 

“The wheatbelt did shiver through some cold temps through that period.

“The northam area and wheatbelt on that Thursday morning was particularly cold and even during the day time yesterday (Wednesday August 9) it was around the degree mark.”

Mr Watkins said the next day for potential frost is this Friday, August 18. 

“We are not sure how things will play out but looks the case,” he said.