Drone footage of wheatbelt

As farmers across the wheatbelt are hoping for more rain to get the crops they've seeded germinating right, a drone video from the heart of this wheat growing country reveals a new perspective of daily life.

The CBH facility at Muckinbudin. Photo: Carr And Drone.

The CBH facility at Muckinbudin. Photo: Carr And Drone.

Shot by Josh Carr from Drone and Carr with the help of a few friends, the three-minute clip travels across the Shire of Muckinbudin, where massive granite rock outcrops split the wheat paddocks under a colossal sky.

"Home to around 300 people, the shire contains numerous hidden gems that many overlook," Mr Carr said.

​"All footage was filmed over the course of one day. At all times there were three spotters involved in the drone videography process - the large zoom out shots were performed by connecting two controllers."

Starting at sunrise, the drone flies over an eerie landscape, over a giant rock, through trees shrouded in mist, then to the CBH terminus, and a football oval before getting down at near ground level as a tractor drags a huge seeding trailer across a paddock.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9P9gzxm218 – Direct link to Youtube video.