Feddies reserves take down Kella/Tammin

AFTER a three-week layoff it was back to Henry Street oval Northam for a much anticipated clash with a formidable Kella/Tammin, having both teams sitting on top of their respective premiership ladders. 

With perfect conditions for football it was going to come down to the survival of the fittest as both sides on paper were very evenly matched.


The first quarter was very evenly contested with both sides testing each other and trying to find any areas of weakness to exploit and gain the advantage; but to no avail.

Both sides had to settle down and slug it out with Federals managing a five-point advantage at the first break. 

The second term saw Federals take more control of the general play and could have taken a handy lead, but goal-front inaccuracy kicking one goal, four points and holding Kella/Tammin to one goal only saw them at the long break with a nine-point advantage.

Half-time score: Federals 3.4 to Kella/Tammin 2.1.

The third term was an even contest with Federals kicking three goals, two points to Kella/Tammin two goals, two points giving the home side a 15-point advantage and setting the game up for a interesting and thrilling last quarter. 

The final term saw Federals firing on all cylinders kicking four goals, three points to Kella/Tammin one goal, one point giving them a 35-point win.

Final score: Federals 10.9 (69) to Kella/Tammin 5.4 (34). 

This put them on top of the reserves ladder with a four premiership point advantage over nearest rivals Kella/Tammin and a game in hand only having played eight rounds.


This game was anticipated to be a spectacle and it did not disappoint the large crowd in attendance, as both sides knew the importance of gaining four points in their quest to maintain a top two finish and have two shots at winning the premiership flag for 2017.

The first quarter saw Federals gain the early ascendancy and through their hard work and sustained pressure on their opposing players were able to gain a 17-point advantage by the first break. 

The second quarter saw Federals goal-front accuracy pay off with them kicking five goals where as Kella/Tammin were wasteful in front of the big sticks kicking four goals, four points.

The game was still being played at a cracking pace and although Federals had increased their lead to 19 points at the long break the crowd could sense that this game was up for grabs.

The third quarter was played in similar fashion as the previous two with both sides conversion rate wavering which helped Federals maintain their buffer and at the end of the third term their lead stood at 20 points.

Third-quarter score: Federals 14.7 (91) to Kella/Tammin 10.11 (71). 

The last term saw both sides giving their all with Federals trying to maintain their lead and Kella/Tammin working overtime to claw back and reduce the margin.

As the game wore on Kella/Tammin seemed to gain the ascendancy and with about six minutes left to play had reduced this margin and taken the lead for the first time in the game by two points.

However Federals were not done yet and with only seconds remaining received a free kick within range of the big sticks. 

Unfortunately a point was the result and Kella/Tammin ran out winners by the smallest of margins, only one point.

Overall the game was of a high standard and good to watch I would predict both sides will more than likely meet again in the finals.


The Federals Fillies had a convincing win over the Kella/Tammin Kats in perfect conditions.

Final scores being Feddies 46 goals to the Kats 17 goals; a margin of 29 goals.

Well done girls.


First – William Dick Junior; Second – Joel Broad; Third – Slade Mathews;


Kyle Finlay. 


First – Jackson Lyons; Second – Keegan Knott; Third – Kaden Elliott;


Cameron Lawler. 


First – Jade Barrett; Second – Stacey Hunter; Third – Caitlin Buchanan. 


Phil Robinson. The award was well-deserved for this hard working president. 

Many thanks to our sponsors for the above awards.

Federal celebrated our life members and sponsors with a luncheon on Monday. 

Thanks to those who attended and those who helped with the day: it was a great success and we acknowledge your valuable support.