Recycling competition underway in Avon Valley

As the region prepares for the Australian National Ballooning Championships in September, a group of volunteers have worked out a way to promote the event while focusing on a good cause. 

Earth Solutions – Avon Valley have collected old politician signs around the region to recycle and use in a treasure hunt competition. 

President Karen Ducat said volunteers have cut the signs into balloon shapes and painted them different colours.

“Volunteers from Northam Senior High School and from around the community have done a fantastic job,” she said. 

The balloons will be placed around the region and participants will be given a map and clues to find the balloons, which will have a number on the back that will need to be recorded. 

“They will be placed in Goomalling, Toodyay, Northam, Clackline, Bakers Hill, Spencers Brook and York,” she said. 

A separate competition will be run during September which will encourage visitors and locals to enter businesses.

We want to keep waste out of the landfill

Earth Solutions president Karen Ducat

“Participants will have to go into the shop to see the number,” said Karen. “What it’s doing is taking people into the businesses where they may not have ever been before.”

Karen said all the businesses that have participated have sponsored the project in some way.

“With meal vouchers, hot air balloon rides, sky diving and other prizes,” she said.

These will go to participants of the treasure hunts. 

Karen said she would love to have more volunteer members be involved in Earth Solutions – Avon Valley. 

She said people can do their part for the environment by not littering, putting their rubbish in appropriate places and to use op-shops. 

“We want to keep waste out of the landfill,” said Karen.

“You go out to the tip and see ute loads of things that could be recycled.

“We need a recycle tip-shop like Goomalling.”

The competition will begin on July 15, 2017 and will run till September 1, 2017. 

“You can partly fill it in or fully fill it in, we don’t mind,” said Karen.

Forms can be dropped off and collected at the Northam Visitors Centre, Lucy’s Cafe, The Toodyay Lolly Shop, Route 94 Bakers Hill and Colton's in Meckering.