Vehicle item theft occurring in Northam

There has been a noticeable spike in opportunistic theft from vehicles in the past few weeks, according to local police. 

Northam police acting officer in charge Scott Mills said it is happening regularly. 

“We are seeing a significant increase in what I call soft target vehicle theft,” he said. 

He said this is where offenders smash vehicle windows to steal valuables in plain sight.

Recent items reported stolen include wallets, mobile phones and power tools. 

Officer Mills said it has occurred mainly at shopping centre carparks and on vehicles parked outside properties at night. 

He said vehicles parked at The Duke's Inn have been targeted, when people leave expensive property on show including laptops. 

“We will do everything we can in being proactive and patrolling  – and be reactive when dealing with the crime once it is reported to us,” officer Mills explained.

“But we need the community to come on board and they need take some responsibility.”

Officer Mills said this could be as simple as removing your mobile phone from the dashboard.