Velocity reinvigorates problem paddock

EASTERN Wheatbelt grower Mark Sutton was a little amazed last year when a crop largely written-off with radish went on to yield higher than the farm average and allowed the paddock to continue in the rotation.

Mollerin grower Mark Sutton.

Mollerin grower Mark Sutton.

Their 200ha “problem paddock’’ last year had received the standard post-emergent herbicide spray of Jaguar at 800mL/ha with LVE MCPA at 400mL/ha four to five weeks after sowing.

“Traditionally, we would have gone to a Group I mop-up, but ‘Daz’ (local Landmark agronomist Darren Marquis) knew that wouldn’t work,’’ said Mr Sutton.

Agronomist Darren advised Mark to apply the Group H post-emergent herbicide, Velocity, which was sprayed prior to stem elongation at 1L/ha via a tug-along Sonic sprayer set up with 02 nozzles. ​