Man caught going 105kph, on Minson Avenue in Northam

A Wundowie man pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a confiscation zone on Monday in the Northam Courthouse, for going 105/kph in a 50kph zone. 

Sgt Phil Milne told the court Ashly Cotterill was caught by a speed camera on January 20, at 5.45pm travelling along Minson Avenue in a southwesterly direction. 

Aboriginal Legal Service officer Sylvia Crombie said the 27-year-old was speeding to buy his daughter medication she urgently needed.

He initially went to chemists in Bakers Hill and Chidlow, but both did not have the medication, she said. 

Ms Crombie said he panicked and made a poor decision.

Sgt Milne questioned why Cotterill was travelling in that direction if he was going to the chemist. 

“He drove right past it,” said Sgt Milne.

Perth Magistrate Richard Huston said it was difficult to believe all of the reasoning given by the defence.

Mr Huston said the situation could have been “catastrophic”, driving at that speed in an area used recreationally. 

“I wonder if he gave any thought to other children on the road at the time,” he said.

Cotterill’s licence was suspended for 12 months.

He was charged $3000 and $188 court costs. 

Mr Huston said the fine needed to reflect the seriousness of the matter.