Telstra updates customers on Northam NBN

Luke Mal, Brian Cross and Ayesha Timori show Northam business owner Kym Burrow the benefits of being connected to the NBN.
Luke Mal, Brian Cross and Ayesha Timori show Northam business owner Kym Burrow the benefits of being connected to the NBN.

Fast internet has arrived in Northam with thousands of local residents now able to connect to the NBN for the first time using fibre to the node technology.

Around 2600 homes and businesses in Northam are now eligible to connect to the NBN setting new benchmarks for the area’s broadband speeds and reliability.

Telstra Area general manager Boyd Brown said the launch of Telstra services on the NBN network around Northam would give locals the opportunity to use a variety of new and emerging technologies.

“These are exciting times for the Northam community as the rollout of the NBN network marks a new connected era for locals,” he said.

“The fibre to the node technology means the NBN network is delivered by running fibre to a neighborhood node or pillar and, from there, the existing copper network connects the premises to the network.

“For local businesses in Northam the fast broadband through Telstra on the NBN network can provide real advantages, from handling large volumes of online traffic to supporting online sales, as well as providing access to helpful tools like cloud computing and video collaboration.”

Mr Brown said the NBN also opens a world of new opportunities with office-like internet speeds at home, endless entertainment options and new advancements in education. 

He said with the arrival of the NBN, local schools and educational institutions will have access to state of the art resources from all over the world, providing a richer learning experience free from geographical constraints.

“Local residents will be able to further their education with both national and international institutions having the ability to train and support staff in a more advanced way through e-learning platforms and video conferencing technologies,” he said.

Mr Brown also warned locals that all home phones and internet services will be transitioned from the copper network to the NBN as per the legislative requirements.  

“It’s important to remind people that the transition to NBN isn’t automatic and they have to sign up to an NBN plan, even if they want to just retain a home phone,” he said.

Locals who wish to find out more about the NBN can visit the Telstra NBN Experience Van this week which will be at the Village Green near Avon Street Mall and Fitzgerald Street between 9-5pm.