Swingin’ fit and fabulous | PHOTOS

Northam Golf Club is running an eight week program to encourage more people into the sport. 

The Club has combined Golf WA’s My Golf Program for 9-12 year olds, with a concurrent SwingFit Program designed for women beginners, on a Friday afternoon called Come and try Friday. 

Program community instructor Matt Woods said the has been great with a broad mix of participants. 

“We really wanted to provide a stress free, family friendly fun environment for people to learn and enjoy our sport without having to jump straight into competitive golf and I think we have achieved that,” he said. 

The program attracted funding from the WA Golf Foundation for equipment and has allowed the program to include three sessions with a Professional Golf in Australasia teacher.  

Bronte Colbert from the Marangaroo Golf Club has provided training to community instructors Wendy Richards and Chadd Hunt from the Northam Golf Club who assist in running other sessions.

Bronte is a 23-year-old trainee professional after only seven years of playing.

She plans to spend the next two years training hard before she applies for the women's tour.

Sarah Smith, one of the SwingFit participants said: “I’ve always enjoyed golf but haven’t played for a while”.

“I can’t believe how lucky we are to get such professional lessons. 

“I just love that feeling of hitting a golf ball when you know you have done it right”.

Designed with the whole family in mind Come and try Friday aligns with the Country Clubs steak nights, so that in true golfing fashion they wind up with refreshments and good company to round out the week.