Goomalling farmer joins chorus for climate action

Blue Mountains at
Blue Mountains at

A Goomalling farmer travelled all the way to the Blue Mountains on May 12 to attend a farmers climate action meeting.

Farmer Christie Kingston, along with 30 other farmers from around Australia met to discuss advocacy plans for not for profit group Farmers for Climate Action. 

The organisation aims to work with farmers and agricultural leaders from all across Australia to communicate issues relating to climate change. 

Former WAFarmers president Dale Park and Northern Agricultural Catchments council chief executive officer Richard McLellan both attended the meeting. 

Ms Kingston helps her husband run their merino wool and mixed cropping farm in Goomalling, and said climate change is a pressing issue for agriculture.

"Ours is a small family farm with limited resources,” she said.

“We’re far from perfect but we do try to get carbon out of the air and into our soil and vegetation, maximise the efficiency of our inputs, learn from the inspiring farmers around us, live sustainably and support other people and organisations that work towards a good future.

“We've adapted to changed conditions already. 

“Climate change is accelerating much faster these days, so keeping up will get harder.”

“Gutsy political leadership at all levels could really help rural communities benefit from facing the hard climate facts so we can all get on with creating the brightest future possible."

“This is the time when farmers should be out there, speaking up and shaping what that looks like. If we don’t speak now, then the decisions may be made for us without us.”

Farmers for Climate Action chief executive officer Verity Morgan-Schmidt said members wanted to protect food production for all Australians, and make sure farming stayed viable.

"Seasons and conditions that farmers rely on to produce our food and fibre are becoming less predictable, and that spells trouble not only for agriculture but for anyone who needs to put food on the table," said Ms Morgan-Schmidt. 

"Our members aren't going to wait around and watch things worsen.

“They are determined to make changes on their properties that make their own operations more sustainable, and profitable in the long-term.

“They also want to see the broader industry, and all levels of government, doing the same because all of us have a responsibility."