Wundowie Iron Festival celebrates heritage

Wundowie will be filled with artwork this Sunday, May 21 for the Wundowie Iron Festival. 

 2015 winner Murray Ford’s sculpture El Cordoba - Picture from website.

2015 winner Murray Ford’s sculpture El Cordoba - Picture from website.

Wundowie oval and community hall will come to life with iron sculptures, paintings and photography, as well as kids activities and stalls. Wundowie was the birthplace of WA’s iron ore industry and this unique event celebrates the heritage of the area. 

Nestled amongst dense bushland, Wundowie is approximately 65km east of Perth via the Great Eastern Highway. 

Conversely, it is 30km west of Northam, the regional centre. 

Visiting this year’s Wundowie Iron Festival is the perfect scenic drive for any day tripper.

The original concept for Wundowie was formed in 1942 following an investigation into the feasibility of establishing an iron and steel industry in WA.

The industrial history of Wundowie was born on April 15, 1948, when the completed Wundowie Charcoal Iron and Steel mill was opened. The mill was closed in 1981 after 33 years of operation and Bradken now operate out of the foundry facilities, keeping the link to Wundowie commercial heritage alive.

The core feature of this year’s celebrations is the Iron Beast Competition. 

The Iron Beast is an individual or team effort to build a device, predominantly from iron and steel, propelled by the down force of a 20kg weight. A prize of $1,000 will be awarded for the longest distance travelled in 30 seconds.

For 2017 the Festival will include prize money of:

  • $1,500 for Bradken Iron Sculpture
  • $1,000 for Linley Valley Pork painting – Iron Theme
  • $500 Komcat Electro Painting – Any Subject
  • $500 BGC Photography– Iron Theme
  • $250 each for 2D and 3D Peoples Choice.

Prizes will be presented on the Wundowie Sports Oval.

2016 winners:

  • Murray Ford, Iron man sculpture.
  • Christine Morton, Cattle Country painting.
  • Julian D Fisher, Spirit of the Mine painting.
  • Beverley Dickerson, River Gums painting.
  • Sam Roberts, Photography.

For more information please contact Helen Phone number 0417903867 or e-mail wif@live.com.au   “It’s about our Iron Heritage”

Picture: 2015 winner Murray Ford’s sculpture El Cordoba.

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