“New sense of life” for Northam man

A 75-year-old Northam man said training greyhounds gave him a “new sense of life” after his wife died. 

Northam resident Colin Hince said he was “sitting around moping” until his friend talked him into getting into the industry.

“That was seven years ago,” he said.

“I am now down there at least five days a week.

“It gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

“It also keeps me fit so is good for my health!”

Hince said there has been a shift in spectators at the racing due to mobile betting.

“This day and aged you can bet on your phone and there is no need to be on the course,” he said.

“It would be great if more people came down to watch the racing and spend an afternoon out in the sunshine.

“It is something for the whole family and the kids love to watch the dogs run and lean over and give them a pat before and after the races.”

Hince is celebrating a recent win from his greyhound Jaydee Lomar who won its race in Cannington on May 8 by 10 lengths. 

A Racing and Wagering WA spokesperson said participants are the lifeblood of the greyhound industry.

“They provide the investment, time, skills and passion that underpins greyhound racing in the State,” the spokesperson said.

“Many of these people find gainful employment of their specific skillset where they may find limited opportunities otherwise.”