Gardening in the Avon Valley

Grevilleas are a common planting in home gardens from the Darling Ranges through to the Avon and Wheatbelt. 

The colour and variety is unmatched in the Proteaceae family of plants.

This family of ancient plants date back to the Gondwana supercontinent, around 90 million years ago and are some of the first flowering plants on earth.

Grevilleas can survive in some of the driest and hottest conditions that nature can throw at them, which makes Grevilleas ideal for Avon Valley gardens.

Proteaceae plants have only one major requirement and that is the soil must be well drained, the pea gravel soils of the Darling Ranges and loose alluvial soils of the Avon are ideal growing conditions.

The fertilizer requirements are of a low phosphate slow release fertilizer, that being less is better when fertilizing.

Some of the stunning cultivars of Grevilleas are the well-known “Queensland Grevilleas”. 

These stunning flowers can reach up to 25cm long and there are numerous varieties of different heights and widths available.

By far the most famous is Grevillea Robyn Gordon, a full bright red cross between Grevillea bipinnatifida and Grevillea banksii. 

Grevillea bipinnatifida “Fuchsia Grevillea” is native to the Darling Range and Avon Valley which makes a good choice to plant cultivars of this grevillea in gardens as it survives in the area.

Grevillea “Ned Kelly” and Grevillea “Superb” are also hybrids of these two parents and have varying stunning colour differences.

Grevilleas attract all kinds of honey eating birds for the sweet nectar laden flowers as well as providing a habitat for smaller birds (including the Blue Fairy Wren).

Misty Ridge Plant Farm specializes in the propagation and sale of native Australian and climate native plants.

The nursery is a family owned and operated business located at Wundowie, in the Darling ranges, 35km west of Northam.

We have been propagating native plants since 2005 but our family history in horticulture can be traced back generations to the early 1900’s.

All plants are grown onsite with advice in planting or designing your waterwise native garden.

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Misty Ridge Plant Farm, Chris Davidson