Social sports wrap up for term

Social Sports at the Northam Recreation Centre have wrapped up in Northam for the term. Mixed Bag won the Social Mixed Netball competition and Steve Barnes took out the Fairest and Best Award. 

Final Results:

  • Suicide Squad defeated Feds 17-15
  • The Rejects lost to Mixed Bag 8-32

The Blue Bandits defeated the rejects in the Social Mixed Soccer final competition last week. The Fairest and Best Award went to Stephanie Donegan.

Final Results: 

  • The Rejects lost to Blue Bandits 0-5
  • Jets lost to Club Tropicana 1-6

Stickheadz went undefeated all season in Social Mixed Floorball. Jason Osborne who won the Fairest & Best award.

Final Results: 

  • Wacky Sticks defeated The Beaters 9-4
  • Coogans beat Jets 12-6
  • Misfits lost to The Rejects 10-8
  • Stickheadz defeated Federals 4-3.