Animal carcasses found on Trayning property: $40,000 fine

Two Trayning residents have been banned from owning any animal for a ten-year period after RSPCA WA inspectors found decomposing animal carcasses and severely neglected dogs and horses on their property last Wednesday.

The property of Melissa Sykes and Patrick Lawson sparked an ongoing investigation in 2016, when RSPCA WA inspectors responded to a cruelty report on a South Trayning farm and reportedly found numerous dead and rotting animals, including sheep, horses, chickens and emus.

Inspectors also located three dogs on the property, with two chained to a tree. All were in an emaciated condition.

Officers found ten horses inside paddocks, and instructed the owners to provide sufficient food and improve the animal's condition.

However, a follow-up visit on the welfare of the remaining animals revealed there were two new dogs chained to trees with varying welfare issues. The condition of the horses had severely deteriorated.

Veterinarians inspected the horses and found they were suffering from conditions including overgrown hooves, lice infestations, and sand ingestion. Two of the horses were found to be pregnant.

All the animals were seized, and an investigation commenced.

RSPCA WA chief inspector Amanda Swift said the animals had since made a full recovery.

"Sadly we didn't get there in time for some of the animals, thank goodness we were able to rescue some and stop the suffering," she said.

"We are pleased with the outcome of today's proceedings against these people who have shown utter disregard and reckless indifference for the animals they were responsible for.

"The ten-year prohibition order imposed on them which prevents them from being within metres of any animals reflects the severity of their actions. This speaks volumes about the seriousness of the cruelty and suffering these animals endured."

The pair have been ordered to pay a $40,000 fine, and the remaining animals have now been placed in foster care. 

- WA Today –