Two new teachers for Avonvale

Two new teachers have started at Avonvale Primary School, teaching classrooms of year five and six students.

Glen Lush and Adam Goodreid said they are both looking forward to the challenges this year will present.

Glen, a teacher of three years, said he is excited to be teaching primary school students again which is his main qualification.

With a past in teaching special needs, Glen said he picked up ways to teach students to their differing abilities in the classroom and said it involves “extending the high achieving students and supporting the children that are struggling”.

Adam Goodreid has taught at various others schools including Forrestfield and High Wycombe Primary School. 

Adam said he accepted the position at Avonvale because he wanted to help people and make a difference through his job.

“I was told when I started that literacy was a bit weak at the school and I have always been a big advocate of reading,” he said.

“The kids will tell you I always push them to read as much as they can.

“We are actually working on our stories at the moment.

“I bought some comic books in the room today to encourage some reading.”